What is Pure Collagen?

Pure Collagen is exactly what it says it is: nothing more, nothing less. It’s protein made entirely from collagen - type I + traces of type III collagen, to be precise. You won’t find any additives, preservatives or other unnatural substances in Pure Collagen.

What does it taste like?

It’s completely flavourless! Collagen protein blends quickly and smoothly, without those annoying clumps you can find in other types of powder. You can also add it to hot OR cold drinks and food, making it a perfect protein boost to smoothies, soups or… well, anything you can think of.

Where does the collagen come from?

The collagen used in our protein is 100% Hydrolyzed Collagen powder, sourced purely from pasture-raised cows in Argentina which are certified hormone, anabolic steroid and synthetic drug free.

How much do I need?

You don’t need a bucketload of Pure Collagen to enjoy the benefits. A single serving (two scoops) contains 20 grams of all-natural collagen protein.

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Pure Collagen Protein Powder
Pure Collagen Protein Powder
Pure Collagen Protein Powder
Pure Collagen Protein Powder
Pure Collagen Protein Powder
Pure Collagen Protein Powder

Pure Collagen Protein Powder

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  • Bovine Hydrolysed Collagen
  • Sourced From Pasture Raised Cows
  • Bio-based recyclable HDPE tub 
  • Completely Unflavoured
  • Dissolves Easily
  • 20G Protein Per Serving
  • Net Wt 454G

What is Collagen

Fun Fact: collagen is the most abundant protein in your body! It actually makes up about 30% of the total protein in the body, and you most commonly find it in bones, muscles, skin and tendons, though it’s also in hair and nails too. It’s kind of a “glue” that holds the body together, providing the strength and structure it needs to function. Let’s put it like this: without collagen, you'd pretty much fall apart!

As we age, the body slows down and produces less collagen. Throw in lifestyle factors like stress, poor diet, gut health imbalances and strenuous exercise, and you’ve got a recipe for even less collagen production! And there are plenty of signs that show this is starting to happen:

  • Skin starts to get thinner
  • Wrinkles form
  • Muscles shrink
  • Joint cartilage weakens, leading to joint pain
  • Bone density decreases

While both men and women suffer from collagen reduction as they age, women are especially vulnerable to it. Reduction often accelerates after you experience menopause, making the symptoms show more quickly.

So where do we naturally get our collagen from? We usually take in collagen when we eat certain animal organs or skin, fatty cuts of meat, and bones (such as when they’re used in broths or soups). But if you’re not eating these regularly, you’re probably not getting enough. In fact, most people take in very little natural collagen, which is why supplements like Pure Collagen are so important.

NEW BIO-BASED RECYCLABLE HDPE TUB. Made from ethanol sugarcane (a sustainable resource) our new eco-tub is an improved way to store and access your collagen which can be easily integrated into the recycling chain in the same way as standard HDPE.

How Collagen Builds a Better You

Keep your skin young

Build stronger, supple joints

Bounce back faster

Sleep better with collagen

Shed the pounds more easily

Grow stronger, thicker hair

Super Health For Everyone (Not Just Gym Junkies)

When you think of protein powders, you probably think of bulging muscles or pumping iron.

Pure Collagen is not about that at all!

Collagen is a fundamental part of any person’s body, and taking it in can prove to be a cornerstone of ANYONE’S health, regardless of whether they work out or not.

- If you exercise regularly…

Your body’s will high-five you for using Pure Collagen. It helps your joints and muscles recover more quickly, and gives them the support they need to grow and develop.

- If you don’t get the chance to do as much exercise as you’d like…

You’ve still got plenty of reasons to improve your health with collagen. Joints remain in good condition, your skin starts to look younger (because with collagen, it IS getting younger), sleep quality gets better and your bones stay strong. (Of course, if you do work out, you get these body-boosters too).

- Protein powders alone (especially Pure Collagen) will NOT “bulk” you up

Consuming protein powder isn’t going to turn you into a colossus. Bodybuilders eat truckloads of other food to develop their frames, and protein powders are only a small part of that equation. Many people of all shapes and sizes use protein powder to support exercise performance, recovery and life in general, which is what Pure Collagen is perfect for.

Collagen In, Whey To Go


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